Q: Why should I buy new underlay?

A: We strongly recommend the purchase of new underlay with any new carpet because it will give the best comfort and performance, and will also prolong the carpet's life. The better the quality of the underlay; the longer your carpet will last.

Q: Wool or synthetic?

A: Carpets are made from wool or man-made fibres as well as a combination of the two. There are features and advantages with both: Wool can be very soft and has natural properties for pile structure retention - Synthetic fibres can add harder wearing and stain resistant benefits.

Q: What is a Berber carpet?

A: Berber simply means flecked. A looped construction using various wool blends all mixed together and knotted giving the carpet a flecked natural appearance.

Q: Pattern or plain?

A: Plains generally make rooms look larger, but subtle patterns can generally work in smaller or larger spaces, whilst bold designs suit larger areas.

Q: How long can I expect my carpet to last?

A: How your carpet is made, the types of fibres, backings and glues used should determine how long your carpet will last. How you treat it plays a large part too! If you want it to last, choose the best quality you can. If you expect to change it in a few years then choose a lesser quality of carpet.

Q: How much will it cost to carpet an average size bedroom 16 square metres?

A: With a felt backed carpet you can expect to pay from 200.00 upwards. For a hessian backed carpet requiring underlay and gripper fixings you can expect to pay anything from 350.00 upwards